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Award Winning Wines for » Fuller Bodied Dry White Wines
- From the 2008 Competition


BLUE-GOLD Award Winner
and one of the
TOP 1OO Wines of the Competition

Wine label

Judges' Comments

Paul White

A big peachy style of Chardonnay. A degree of oak buried in that nose I suspect. A full bodied, creamy smooth style. Crisp lemony acidity. A very refreshing, vibrantly fruity style of wine. An excellent match. The fruit became more savoury in the context of the dish. It was all harmony and supportive.

Ken Dobler

Bright straw yellow colour. Lovely rich varietal nose. Excellent varietal palate. Extremely well structured with good length. The rich fruit on the palate was accentuated by the creaminess of the dish. The structure of the wine carried the richness well.

Adrian Atkinson

Funky, nutty, mild, ferment style character on the nose and a creamy malo character with some nice elegance and flavours. A touch hollow and simple perhaps. The toasty malo character goes well with the oily salmon and buttery crouton but it was a touch short on the finish.

Kym Milne

Complex, creamy and with a touch of bottle age. A very creamy palate. Sweet oak and long. It had plenty of flavour to cope with the food.

Doug Frost

A sort of cola, nut, vanilla. Lots of barrel notes with some green apple. Some lime. More barrel notes. Even a slightly burnt note. A bitter orange hint in the mouth. Red pear, vanilla and cola. Lemon, apple. Soft, simple. Not buttery but very vanillin. The wine brought forward the asparagus and the oil, intensifying the asparagus. The balance between the wine and the dish were reasonable.

Cathy van Zyl

Medium, deep straw in the glass. Forthcoming, pungent, almost white asparagus notes on the nose coupled together with vanilla, oak aromas, biscuits and yeasty bread. These same flavours could be found on the palate which was long and balanced. The dish accentuated the sweetness and vanillas in this wine.


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Country Of Origin

Wine Style
Fuller Bodied Dry White Wines

Grape Variety
Yarra Valley Chardonnay100% - 100%

Geo Indicator or Region

Typical Retail Price

Alcohol 13.5% v/v


Customer Relations Person
Alexandra Miles

His/Her Telephone
+61 3 9822 1157


+61 3 9822 0387


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